Turn 10 Studios

Forza Motorsport 7


Project Type: Team, Turn 10 Studios at Microsoft

My Role: UX Design

Skills: Prototyping, Usability Testing

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD


While working for Turn 10 Studios at Microsoft, I tackled many UX challenges for the Forza Motorsport 7 title that was to be released during the holiday season in 2017. One of the design problems was to enhance the Out Of the Box Experience (OOBE) for the players.



We want to reward players who are loyal to the Forza Motorsport franchise. Forza Faithful Rewards will be awarded to players during the Initial Experience. My challenge was to determine the most adequate flow and timing of the Forza Faithful Rewards Experience.



The best moment to celebrate Forza Faithful is when the player has completed the Initial Experience. They will have raced a predetermined number of races and have been exposed to various parts of the game. That’s when we are confident that player has the right context to understand and appreciate the rewards.

Depending on the path taken at handoff, the specific timing of the FF rewards sequence will vary.

OOBE flow chart to determine the best timing of FF Rewards screen

The best moment to celebrate Forza Faithful...”

While iterating on the flow and the specific screens of the FF Rewards Experience, we focused on the following goals:

  • Give players enough time to immerse themselves in the game

  • Trigger the FF Rewards Experience in the right context

  • Make it celebratory by using images and showing why they’re getting the rewards

Here are some shots of the final outcome:

Handoff screen before starting the Initial Experience

Handoff screen before starting the Initial Experience

Forza Faithful Rewards Screen

Forza Faithful Rewards Screen


All in all, I’m proud to have been part of one of the best racing games out there. If you’d like to learn more about my other experiences at Turn 10 Studios, checkout my wireframes and prototypes below!